Get Your Ads In Front Of The Right Audiences On Social Media!

What We Will Do...

We’ll get your brand in front of people on social media, ensuring it shows up for the right people – for example, those who are talking about you or your competitors, who like competitors’ pages, or are friends with people who like your brand. Besides raising awareness, social media advertising can boost engagement with customers old and new, helping to build loyalty and emotional investment in your brand. We can also make sure your ads show up for people who have previously visited your site, or your competitors’ sites.

Social Ads In A Nutshell...

Show up in your target customers social media feeds

Boost engagement with your brand

Target people who visited your site but haven't yet made a purchase

Advertise With Confidence...

The Google partner badge shows that Primedia have passed Google Ads product certification exams and are up-to-date with the latest product knowledge. In other words, we are experts in what we do!

Why Social Ads?

Social ads are a versatile advertising channel that enables you to build specific campaigns on social media, ensuring you reach people whose social media habits and connections indicate a good chance they will be interested in what you are selling. Ads on social media are a quick and highly effective way to connect with your target audience and can offer an excellent return on investment.


Facebook’s micro-targeting features allow you to pinpoint your audience, getting your message in front of the people who are most likely to want what you’re selling.


You can place ads on Instagram Stories or create clean, beautiful photo ads. Other options include video ads, carousel ads and collection ads.

Clients Already Seeing Growth With Us....

Example Of A Social Advert

Social ads can be an extremely rewarding investment. We can target like-minded
demographics and grab their attention exactly when they are thinking about their next purchase… and that’s just the beginning.

Our Social Ads Management Process

Below is a breakdown in what we will do for your business from start to finish.


We start our process by looking at your business and finding your USP and your target audience.

We look at your website and analytics.  Highlighting areas where this can be improved to get the best results from your campaigns.

We look at what your competitors are doing and figure out what is working for them.  We then optimise and adjust campaigns deliver the best results.


We combine creative and analytical skills to write and design beautiful, unique and engaging ad copy. We tailor ad copy by targeting options used like keywords, websites and audiences.

We organise and structure your AdWords account based on your advertising goals, account performance history, website landing pages and our experience. Keywords and other targeting methods are organised into campaigns based on the services or products you offer.

Looking at historical search data we find the optimum keywords your customers are searching to find your products/service and target campaigns accordingly.


We track website health and performance metrics such as page load time and other key performance indicators like bounce rate, average session duration, returning visitors, exit pages, landing page performance and more


AdWords Conversion tracking records leads and sales within AdWords, which lets us optimise and manage AdWords using your customer data.


We use Google AdWords telephone call tracking, web to lead tracking, and e-commerce tracking – all conversion actions that are recorded within AdWords.

We provide monthly reports, so you can see what is working and where your advertising budget is going. 


We manage AdWords for advertising objectives such as cost per acquisition (CPA), return on ad spend (ROAS) or brand position objectives.

We split test ads to get the best mix of CTR, Conversion rate and conversions per impression.

We expand your existing keyword list as we acquire new data. We add the relevant search terms your ads appear for and optimise them for higher conversions.

How Social Ads Help Your Business...

Social ads are an ideal way to achieve very precise targeting of potential customers and engage with them through a medium they use frequently every day. Rather than passively displaying your advert, social advertising is an opportunity to interact with old and new customers, getting them to talk to you, and to others about you.

With social advertising you can make sure your brand gets in front people who are likely to engage with it. Social media engagement is a highly effective way to build brand awareness, keeping your brand in your customers’ minds and building your bond with them.

Retargeting enables you to remind users of products or pages they viewed. It encourages them to return, and to progress towards a purchase. One important advantage of social media retargeting is that people can see that the ad has come from a real account.

Immersive ads give you a mini website experience while still in your social media account, enabling you to browse and shop without clicking through to the source website. These are a very effective way to capture customers by making the shopping experience as easy as possible.

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