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What We Will Do...

We’ll get your products seen at the top of the search results page, along with price details and a clickable link to your websites product page. By targeting people when they are specifically searching for what you’re selling, and by making it easy for them to go ahead and make a purchase, we can significantly boost your sales: shopping ads have been shown to offer some of the best investment returns. We’ll monitor the performance of your ads and tweak keywords, bids and product details as needed in order to boost their effectiveness.

Shopping Ads In A Nutshell...

Target customers who are already shopping for what you sell.

Show up at the top of potential customers search results with a product image & price, right at the time they are looking for your product.

Enjoy an excellent return on your ad investment.

Advertise With Confidence...

The Google partner badge shows that Primedia have passed Google Ads product certification exams and are up-to-date with the latest product knowledge. In other words, we are experts in what we do!

Clients Already Seeing Growth With Us....

Why Shopping Ads?

Shopping ads are a solution for e-commerce businesses who want to drive more sales and revenue through their websites. They have delivered an excellent ROAI (return on ad investment) for many of our clients. Shopping ads appear at the top of the search results, with a product title, price and image.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads are product listing ads (PLAs) that are featured across Google’s search and shopping results.

Bing Shopping

Bing Shopping campaigns are similar to those of Google. They allow advertisers to display their product ads on the Bing Search Network.

Example of Shopping Advert

Shopping Adverts are a fantastic way to get your product front and centre.  They show up in the moment your customers are looking for that specific product or service. Giving you the best possible chance to convert into a sale.

Our Shopping Ads Management Process

Below is a breakdown in what we will do for your business from start to finish.


We start our process by looking at your business and finding your USP and your target audience.

We look at your website and analytics.  Highlighting areas where this can be improved to get the best results from your campaigns.

We look at what your competitors are doing and figure out what is working for them.  We then optimise and adjust campaigns deliver the best results.


We know how to optimize your shopping feed to deliver the best results.  Its all in the product title, descriptions on your website, the images you use to show as  relevant to the search query as possible

We organise and structure your shopping campaign based on your advertising goals, account performance history, website landing pages and our experience. 

Looking at historical search data we find the optimum negative keywords that are not relevant to your product or service.  This way you are not wasting as budget on words that wont convert.


We track website health and performance metrics such as page load time and other key performance indicators like bounce rate, average session duration, returning visitors, exit pages, landing page performance and more


Conversion tracking records leads and sales within your account, which lets us optimise and manage your shopping campaign using your customer data.

We use e-commerce tracking to make sure your products are converting and then optimize to get the best from your products.

We provide monthly reports, so you can see what is working and where your advertising budget is going. 


We manage your shopping campaign for advertising objectives such as cost per acquisition (CPA), return on ad spend (ROAS) or brand position objectives.

We are constantly tweaking the product to get the best mix of CTR, Conversion rate and conversions per impression.

We expand your existing negative  keyword list as we acquire new data. We add the relevant negative search terms so your products are only showing for relevant queries.  Saving your budget for customers who will convert.

How Shopping Ads Help Your Business...

Shopping ads are a fantastic way to get your products in front of your customers in the moment they are looking for that product.  They appear at the top of Google search with the product title, image and price.  This way the customers knows what they want before they click on you.

With Shopping ads, your products show up at the top of google search listings, in the moment your potential customer is looking for it.  They show with product image, title and price meaning your customer knows if they want the product before they click on it, limiting wasted ad spend.

Unlike search ads, product ads yield a more qualified customer.  Customers have already decided they want a particular product, so they are searching to find it,  we just need to get you in front of them with an attractive offer at the right time for them to convert.

As mentioned above customers have already decided they want a product.  When they decide to click on your product they already know most of the information as its displayed in the search, this means our e-commerce clients enjoy a higher ROAI when it comes to shopping ad campaigns.

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