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Are you a startup business or looking to expand?
We offer full web design packages for any situation.

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Competitive Pricing

We know 70% of businesses that are looking for a website are just starting out & we understand every penny counts.

No Hidden Costs

Once we give you a quote, it includes everything you need to run your website. There are no hidden costs. Ever!

Easy To Edit Yourself

Most web design companies make money off locking your site down and charging you for the smallest change. Not us!

6 Months Free Support

We don't just build your site and leave you helpless. We offer every client 6 months free support It really is that simple!

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Why use Wales web design experts?

Primedia Marketing are experts in creating visually stunning, responsive and easily customisable web design for clients across Wales.  We love to work with local businesses in Wales small and large on their websites and marketing strategies.   Most of the time these two elements go hand in hand to provide the best outcome for the clients marketing goals.

Over 10 Years Experience

Primedia has over 10 years experience in creating web design in Wales. Our designs speak for themselves.


Once your website is built to your specifications. We make sure you can easily customise it yourself for FREE.

SEO Ready

As we are also experts in SEO, we make sure any web design we create has a solid SEO base to give you the best start possible.

Local Business

We are local!! Based in South Wales so know the area your business operates in, know our clients and want to see you succeed.

Our recent Web Design work for businesses in Wales

We work with small and large businesses across Wales to enhance their web presence with engaging web design & digital marketing

Why is Web Design important to your business in Wales?

Web design is an essential element of your business in this ever-growing digital world.  These days without an engaging website with modern aesthetics and quality content, it can leave your business struggling to compete.


Primeida Marketing streamlines the web design and digital advertising process by providing startup businesses in Wales a one-stop-shop to make an immediate impact on the web.  We have packages from as little as £499 which will give you everything you need, not only to get your business up and running online but to also put in the groundwork for a successful SEO campaign.  After all, it’s no good having a nice website that no one can find.  


We also cater to established companies that already have a presence across the web.  We can give your business that online overhaul it deserves or show you how to make the most out of your current website with our CRO services.  Whatever you need, we can accomodate.

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Why is Primedia Marketing different to other web design companies in Wales?

Most website companies will make a website for a client but then lock it all down and give you no access to it.   They do this to make you pay for any future changes no matter how small they may be.  This is all  part of their revenue stream.  Primedia Marketing are different.  We are first and foremost a marketing company, so we would rather treat our customers like adults and give them the tools to make changes themselves (Should they want to).  Not only this, but we will also show you how to make the changes yourself on sign off of your new website. 

Just like the last section, we know web design companies in Wales charge their clients a markup on the monthly or yearly website hosting.  We do not do this!!!  We only charge you what the hosting cost us!!!  This is why our clients love working with us.  We are transparent and fair in all we do! 

We don’t just build your site and leave you helpless. We offer every client 6 months free support on sign off of their website.  That means, if you have any issues, questions, concerns or changes you’d like to make within 6 months.  We are here to hold your hand and lead you in the right direction.

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