5 trends in digital marketing since Covid-19

digital marketing since Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has emphasised the power and value of digital marketing. More people than ever are shopping online, so ensuring your business is visible there has become more important than ever.


Here are some of the most important trends in digital marketing since covid-19


  1. The personal touch


It’s easier than ever to personalise your ads and target them at specific groups – and this approach has been shown to be far more effective when it comes to getting conversions from your ads. People are also less likely to mind being interrupted if the ad they’re being shown is relevant to them. It’s not just about creating customer personas, tailoring your ads and deciding who gets to see them; personalisation can include sending emails to selected people on your mailing list and addressing them by name. 


  1. The power of micro influencers


This ties in well with personalisation. If you understand who your customers are, you’ll be able to also identify which micro influencers are likely to influence their buying decisions. While big influencers will often demand a lot of money for a tiny bit of coverage, micro influencers are much cheaper to work with and will be able to target a more precise and relevant group of potential customers. 


  1. Inclusivity and sustainability


Today’s customer cares about these things. It’s no longer enough just to offer great prices; people are often happy to pay more if they know a product is ethically produced and they trust in the accountability and credentials of the business behind it. This isn’t about greenwashing; people are wise to that now, so make sure your credentials are more than skin deep. Work to make sure your business is genuinely inclusive, ethical and sustainable, and then spread the work through your digital marketing.


  1. Social media shopping


Social media is no longer just about building your brand’s presence; more and more people are purchasing directly from social media, so embrace this opportunity. Choose the right social networks (the ones where your target customers can be found), follow the right people and engage with them, bring in the power of social media influencers and create the ads or posts that give people an opportunity to buy. With 74 percent of customers now relying on social media to guide their purchases, you can’t afford to be left behind.


  1. Chatty marketing


Conversational marketing is another powerful trend. This covers all forms of conversation, from live chat to chatbots and voice assistants. Examples include ads that have a “click to message” element, so they can link the potential customer straight to a customer service representative to chatbot. It’s also wise to have a chatbot on your website. 


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