5 ways to target your digital marketing efforts

target digital marketing

5 ways to target your digital marketing efforts


You may have a great looking, easy to use website and the very best products to sell, but without properly targeted digital marketing you could still struggle to build the customer base you need. All modern digital ad platforms, from paid search (such as Google Ads) to paid social (such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) enable you to refine your digital marketing efforts by selecting the audience attributes you want to target. But how do you decide on those attributes – and how do you make sure your ads speak to your target audience? Here are 5 tips.

target digital marketing


  1. Understand your audience

The first step to targeting your digital marketing effectively is understanding your audience – their demographics, the things they value, where they spend time on the internet and how they progress through their purchasing journeys. Make use of tools such as Google Analytics and its Search Console to understand how people find your website and what they do once they get there. Facebook Insights and Ad Manager can give you further information, such as their location, how old they are, their relationship status and their interests and behaviours. You can also make use of data and insights your business has collected about your customers – for example, social media followers and email subscribers.


2. Speak their language


It’s important to address your target audience using language they will relate to. For example, the language you’d use for a teenager should be very different from the language you would use if targeting the over 60s. Use the wrong language and you’ll alienate your target customers before you’ve even brought them to your website. To find out what language they use, examine how they converse on social media, looking for key words or phrases. You could also get on the phone to some of them to learn more about them and the way they talk.


3. Use the right keywords


In order to successfully target your digital marketing efforts, you need to establish which keywords your customers are likely to be searching for. You can research these using a range of tools such as keyword explorer or ubersuggest, and ahrefs and BuzzSumo can show you which sites are currently topping the rankings for your selected keywords. By looking at what your competitors are doing, you can make informed decisions about your own efforts. 


4. Produce quality content


If your ads are going to work, they need to be well conceived and well-written. Think about your customers’ pain points – the outcomes they want and problems they want solved, and then create compelling copy that presents them with an attractive solution. Get it proofread and make sure there are no spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors. Pick your images carefully too, taking into account the kind of customers you are targeting and what is likely to appeal to them.


5. Retarget potential customers


Often a customer will visit your website several times before making a purchase – so to make them more likely to return, you need to retarget them with advertising. Retargeting makes use of cookies stored on a website visitor’s browser that check out where they go next, checks what products they are looking at, then uses the information to serve them with targeted ads designed to lure them back to your site. There are numerous retargeting platforms; Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all offer this function.


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