Do I Need Digital Marketing?

Do I need digital marketing 1?

Do I need digital marketing?


The simple answer is yes, you almost certainly do – yet many businesses are still not making full use of digital marketing. From email campaigns to Facebook ads, there are multiple ways you can boost your business online. Here are some key points for anyone just getting to grips with the idea of it all.

What is digital marketing?


Marketing is all about getting the right offers and messages to your potential customers at the right time and encouraging them along the pathway that will lead to a sale, and hopefully to repeat business. Digital marketing is simply one type of marketing. It’s the art of selling products and services by using digital platforms and tools such as social media, emails, and adverts that appear in internet search results. 


A key point when marketing your business is that you need to reach your potential customers in the places they hang out, and these days most potential customers spend a huge amount of time online. A recent study by Blue Nile Research found that 79-82 percent of consumers use search, brand websites and customer reviews for research. Making sure you grab their attention when they’re online is a hugely important part of your marketing strategy.


Can digital marketing improve my customer relationships?


Good marketing isn’t just about getting the sale – it’s about building an ongoing relationship with your customers, and digital marketing offers numerous ways in which you can do this, from sending your customers email newsletters to creating a great Instagram account they’ll enjoy following and interacting with. These days, if customers have a question or an issue, they’ll very often head to a company’s social media pages to ask about it, so you need to have a good presence there, and be responsive. By engaging with customers on social media you can also get to know more about them – their needs, interests and wants.


Is digital marketing expensive?


Compared with other forms of marketing, such as TV ads or placing ads in newspapers, digital marketing is much cheaper, especially when you look at the number of people you’ll reach for your money. It’s also very easy to monitor the results and see how many customers your marketing has brought to you. The amount of money you spend can vary widely depending on your budget and goals, but you’ll always be able to tell what’s working and adjust your efforts – and spending – accordingly. 


How can I use digital marketing to target customers?


Digital marketing generates a lot of useful data about your customers, from demographic information to details about their interests and buying habits. You can make use of the data to create targeted ads that will show up for the right customers in the right place at the right time, meaning you have a much higher chance of getting a sale. You can even target people who visited your site but didn’t make a purchase, with the aim of luring them back again.


Should I use digital marketing alongside print and TV marketing?


Combining digital, print and TV marketing can be hugely effective. For example, your print marketing can direct people to your website, maybe with a discount code that will tell you where they saw the ad – allowing you to monitor the effectiveness of the print ad. Print and TV marketing are important for raising awareness of your brand, and good feeling towards it, making your marketing more likely to succeed.


Need help?


At Primedia Marketing we’re experts at digital marketing. We’ll take care of all the factors mentioned above, and many more, to ensure you get excellent results. If you’d like to know more, get in touch today.


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