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Google Search Ads

Target Relevant Audiences

If you choose Primedia as your PPC Agency in Cardiff we will design eye catching Google adverts to attract customers searching for your products & services.

Google Search Ads are the adverts you see above the organic search results when you type a query into Google. These Ads are text-based.

Our tailored text adverts increase traffic to your website which will drive the most relevant audiences to convert.


Be at the top of the google search engine, don't hide your website!


We'll target people as they're looking for your products/services

Boost Sales

Increase your sales & revenue,
our results are backed by data

Return On Ad spend

Enjoy a positive ROAS &
be a thriving business in Cardiff.

Shopping Ads

Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

Google Shopping Ads are the adverts you see when you click on the shopping tab within google.  We can place your products at the top of Google search results when people are shopping on the internet.


Shopping adverts show product title, image and price. Adverts can be tailored towards search criteria and audience. 


Our PPC Agency in Cardiff can setup your Google Adword account to track conversions. Following that we provide evidence to show the increased web traffic and conversions.


On average our Google Shopping Ad customers see a Return on ad spend of 8.


Make your products easily available to people searching on google.

Monthly Reports

Receive regular feedback to understand sales and customer engagement.


Target specific audiences searching for specific products - let's spend wisely!

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Over 10 Years Experience

Make use of our experience.
We know what works and what doesn't, we invest your budget wisely.

Instant Results

Our Pay Per Click strategies provide instant results. We are transparent in our work and share our results.

Affordable Starting Costs

You can start with a small budget and look to add value to your business in stages.

Increase Revenue 150%

On average, our work produces a 150% increase in revenue within the first 3 months.

Cardiff's No.1 PPC Agency

Primedia Marketing is a successful Google partnered, PPC Agency in Cardiff. We pride ourselves on improving businesses in and around Cardiff.  We can reach out to people on a local, national or international level.


Within the PPC service that we offer in Cardiff, you will have a dedicated Google Ads Account Manager. Our objective will be to understand your business, understand your requirements and produce an advertising strategy that suits your goals: 


Website traffic, Leads, Sales, ROI 



Our Google Ads team are fully accredited and pride themselves on your successes. You will get regular feedback and be able to understand the power of a Google Adwords campaign.


With 10 years experience in Google Ad management, we have confidence to work with any business around Cardiff.  


Contact the No.1 PPC Agency in Cardiff today to grow your business & plan your future.

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Our Approach Is What Makes Us Different

We are different from the rest. We believe that frequent communication, ideas, feedback and transparency all form the path to success – for Primedia and for your own business. This game is fast paced moving with technology and markets. Primedia are continuously researching to keep up with the latest developments in digital marketing. All the big players like Google and Facebook regularly change their algorithms, therefore we ensure we keep up to date and ahead of the rest.


We carefully research


Research is one of the keys to our success. Our team always start by analysing your competition, looking at your customers’ search terms. We then move on to look at the demographics of the people who are buying your products. Our team look at your website, and how best to show your products and services. Researching up front allows us to sharpen the blade before we cut down the tree.

We place importance on structure

We combine creative and analytical skills to produce unique and engaging ad copy. When targeting we make smart use of elements such as keywords, websites and audiences. We structure your AdWords account based on your advertising objectives. Our team also look at performance history, website landing pages and our experience. Keywords, along with other targeting methods are then organised into campaigns based on the services or products that you offer.

We analyse performance frequently
We will always track website performance metrics like the page load time as well as other key indicators such as the bounce rate, the average session duration, landing page performance, returning visitors, exit pages and more. We can optimise and manage your PPC account using AdWords conversion tracking. Our team are experienced in reviewing statistical data to understand where the leads and sales have been generated. We also use other tools like Google AdWords telephone call tracking, web-to-lead tracking and e-commerce tracking. 
We are a member of your team

Our team manages your account as if it were our own business. Our goal is to continuously improve your PPC account. We deliver ideas, feedback and data to show our work and our performance. We are able to do this via face-to-face meetings, phone calls and monthly reporting. We understand it’s important to involve you and be a hard working member of your team.


We take on customers with different backgrounds. We’ve experienced how quickly digital advertising has developed and we keep up with the technology so that you can dedicate your time more efficiently.   

We will work with new start up businesses up to large corporations.

At Primedia we see results in our work straight away. In this modern era it’s important for your business to have a strong online presence. Get in touch to see what we can offer you.

Would you like to hear ideas that are specific to your business?

We are happy to give free Google Ads advice, so don't hesitate to send a query through below.

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