Best Digital Marketing Tools 2021

best digital marketing tools 2021

10 of the best digital marketing tools for small businesses


Wondering how to raise your digital marketing game? Here are 10 of the best tools to help you raise your business’ profile online.




This simple to use social media scheduling to enables you to plan and pre-load your posts for multiple social media platforms, all from one dashboard. It also incorporates advanced reporting and analytics tools to help you raise your social media game.


Google Analytics


Probably the best-known analytics tool around, Google Analytics is free (for the basic version) and gives you a wide range of valuable insights into your website visitors and customers. You can see how many people visited a page, how this varied over time, where your visitors live, how they came to your site (eg. did they do a search or click on an ad?), what keywords brought them to you and more. 




Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing but also one of the most effective – and MailChimp is an indispensable tool that helps you do this effectively and with minimal effort. It enables you to create and personalise marketing emails, send them out to thousands of people at once, and receive information on engagement and more. It’s also free for small businesses.




If you’re unsure which influencers you need to partner with, BuzzSumo will solve the mystery, giving you access to the top influencers in fields relevant to your product. It also enables you to see what topics and mentions are trending and what content is performing the best. It also enables you to search for keywords, track brand mentions and monitor your competitors.




Agrefs is a useful toolset for backlinks and SEO analysis. Its Site Explorer tool will analyse your site’s backlink profile and the sites of your competitors, revealing the most profitable keywords for paid and organic search. Its Content Explorer helps you find the most shared content on any topic, while the Keywords Explorer gives you keyword ideas and traffic estimations. Its Site Audit Tool will analyse your website for common SEO issues.




This subscription service enables you to design logos, banners, ads, charts, graphs and more without needing to pay a designer. It has a vast library of fonts, animations, audio and pre-set designs that will help you create great looking ads in no time. 




This nifty messaging tool is ideal for small teams, enabling you to easily separate chats by topic so that general chat doesn’t get caught up with important work messages. Its themed Slack groups are a great way of networking with key figures in your sector.




Yoast is an SEO plug in for WordPress. It enables you to optimise your site’s content and keywords – and much of what it does is automated. It gives you invaluable insights to help you hone your content and make it more search engine friendly.


Survey Anyplace


This nifty survey creation app is a quick and simple way to create surveys to inform your digital marketing. Surveys are a powerful way to get important customer data and insights, and this app creates surveys that are attractive, easy to navigate and quick to complete, increasing your chances of gathering plenty of useful data.


Screaming Frog


This is a website crawler that will identify SEO issues such as broken links and duplicate content. It’s a great way to check how well your website is performing and fix issues in order to increase its ranking.


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