Email Marketing Tips: Part 1

email marketing tips

Do you want to make your email marketing more effective? Then these 6 simple tips will help you.


Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing but it remains one of the most powerful. Building a great mailing list is part of the secret – but that only gets you halfway there. You’ll also need to give some serious thought to how you compose the email, what content you include, and how you decide who to send it to. Here are 6 tips to get you started:


  1. Make it personal


Remember, people are bombarded with a lot of messages these days and they’re far more likely to sit up and take notice if you’re addressing them directly – so make sure your email addresses the recipient by name, and make sure it’s signed by a named person. This helps to establish more of a rapport and a sense that the customer has a relationship with you – something that’s been shown to be an increasingly important factor in buying decisions. 


2. Adapt what you send to suit different groups of customers


You don’t need to always send the same email to everyone. By creating groups of customers with common attributes you can ensure that you send them the news and offers that are most suitable for them.


3. Use Mailchimp or a similar automated service


By using tools such as Mailchimp you can schedule your email marketing messages, track the results, identify when a customer abandons a cart, send out retargeting and re-engagement messages and much more. You can also grow your mailing list easily, because Mailchimp provides customisable sign-up forms that you can embed into your website. Mailchimp also makes it easy to divide your mailing list into groups for targeted emailing.


4. Create variety in what you send out


Offers can be a great way to get people to click through to your site, but your email marketing should be about more than that, so consider sending out updates – maybe about products in development – and also send out a monthly email newsletter if you can. Think about value added content – interesting articles, tips and recipes, for example.


5. Run A/B testing


This involves sending different marketing emails to different groups of customers and monitoring the results. It’s a powerful way to check out how effective a campaign is, and to tweak your approach for maximum conversions.


6. Spend time composing a great subject line


Your subject line is your opportunity to grab your customers’ attention, so give it some thought and attention. Keep it short, include the most important words at the beginning, eliminate filler words and keep it simple and focused. Bear in mind that many will only give your email a cursory glance when it first arrives, but they may search for it later – so include keywords they are likely to type in when looking for it.


More tips coming in Part 2.


Need help? At Primedia Marketing we’re experts in all of the above and more. Get in touch today to find out how we can boost your business.


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