Email Marketing Tips – Part 2

email marketing tips

Do you want to make your email marketing more effective? These 5 tips will help you.

In our previous post we outlined some simple tips to make your email marketing more
effective. That was just the beginning! Here are five more tips to help you further improve
your email marketing to ensure your message reaches as many people as possible.


1. Keep it brief


Everybody’s busy these days and people are more likely to pause and read your email if you
keep it concise. Also, lengthy emails are more commonly blocked by spam filters – so think
about the main points you want to get across and boil your email down so that it covers
those efficiently, with the most important messages near the top. Remember, people are
likely to be skim reading your email, so anything you can do to make that process easy for
them is a good idea.

2. Include a call-to-action button

As people will likely be skimming your email, it’s important to prominently include a call-to-
action (CTA) button to make it easy for people to click through to your website, sign up to a
list, download an asset or do whatever it is you would like them to do. Make sure you put
the button somewhere that’s highly visible – don’t bury it away at the end of the email. The
easier you make it for people to spot the button and take action, the more successful your
campaign will be.

3. Add alt text to your images, including your CTA image

You may have designed your email and CTA button beautifully, but images (including the
button) often get blocked by email clients, meaning your recipient will not know what your
CTA button offers. You can get round this by editing the alt text for the image, either via
your email’s rich text editor or in your email tool’s HTML editor. Similarly, it’s a good idea to
add alt text to all the images in your email, and ideally make these clickable too – eg. “click
here for 20% off on pre-order”.

4. Include social sharing buttons and simplify sharing with ready-made tweets

Remember, the aim of your email is to ensure as many people as possible hear about your
business – so include social sharing buttons in your marketing emails. You can even create
ready-made tweets to make lazy sharing possible. Visit ClickToTweet, which generates free
custom tweet links.

5. Preview and test your email before you send it out

Most email marketing tools will give you the option to preview your email and send a test
version before you click send for real. Some tools will allow you to preview how your email

will look which received by different email providers, helping you to iron out any problems
such as disappearing images. Get into the habit of previewing and testing every marketing
email before you send it out.

If you missed part 1, you can find it here: More tips coming in part 3!

Need help? At Primedia Marketing we’re experts in all of the above and more. Get in touch
today to find out how we can boost your business.


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