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Google ads management Swansea

Search Ads

Get your business in Swansea seen at the top of search engines! On average our Google Search Ad clients enjoy a 150% increase in sales within 3 months.

Display Ads

Keep your business In potential customers minds and retarget ones that got away. Impactful display ads that work and convert!!!!

Shopping Ads

Own a shop in Swansea? Looking to sell online? . On average our Google ad shopping clients see a Return on ad spend of 8.

Swansea's #1 Google Ads
Management Agency

Primedia Marketing is a Google partnered, Google Ads Management Agency based in Swansea City Centre. We love to work with local businesses in Swansea to inject targeted, impactful online marketing that just works.  Whether you are looking to get your business noticed locally, nationally, or internationally, we can help you achieve this.


Our Google ads management service in Swansea provides you with a dedicated Google Ads account manager who will work with you and your budget to achieve a positive return on your investment. Our expert Google Ads staff are fully accredited and thrive on being part of your team and success.


Using our 10 years of experience of proven Google Ad management methods you can be certain that your business in Swansea is in the right hands.  We back up what we say by providing you with a detailed, monthly analysis of what we have done to grow your business and outline how we will continue the growth for the future.


Join the #1 Google Ads Management Agency In Swansea today & enjoy sustainable business growth for the future.

Swansea's Google Ads Management Agency

Over 10 Years Experience

We have over 10 years experience in the industry and use proven Google Ads strategies to get Incredible results.

Instant Results

Our proven PPC (Pay Per Click) strategies will get you the right results instantly. Our historic data and case studies show this clearly.

Affordable Starting Costs

We have affordable starting costs compared to other Google Ad agencies in Swansea. But the highest standards.

Increase Revenue 150%

On average our Google Ad clients enjoy a 150% uplift in revenue & conversions within a 3 month period.

Google Search Ads Management Swansea

Google Search Ads

Target "The Right" Customers

Google Search ads are text-based results that are shown in the Google search engine.  Google ads will be shown directly above organic search results so they are an incredible way to get your business in Swansea seen first through our Google Ads Management Swansea service. This not only increases the chance of potential customers clicking on you but we also drive the “right” customers to click on you enhancing the potential for conversion. 


Get the attention of your potential customers by displaying top of their search results.​

Positive ROAS

We thrive on getting your business in Swansea a positive return on your ad spend.

Increase Sales

Proven track record to increase sales & revenue which is backed up with statistical data.​


Target only the people who are in the market for your product/service, in the moment they are looking.​

Shopping Ads

Achieve Incredible ROI

Google Shopping ads are a fantastic way to get your products in front of potential customers at the moment they are looking for that product.  With our Google Ads Management, we can get them to appear at the top of Google search results with the product title, image and price.  This way the customers can see if your product is right before they click on you, saving you wasted ad spend.  Not only that, but we target the most relevant people, enhancing the chance of a conversion.


Enjoy an excellent return on your ad investment. On average our Google shopping ad clients see a Return on ad spend of 8.


Show up at the top of potential customers search results with a product image & price, right at the time they are looking for your product.

Monhtly Reports

Monthly performance reports showing how we have returned your investment and then some.


Target only the people who are in the market for your product, right in the moment they are looking.​

Google shopping ads management In Swansea
Best Google Ads Management Agency Swansea

What are Google Ads and why are they important?

Google ads advertising allows you to display your product or service at the top of Google so that potential customers can find you, click on you and hopefully engage with you.


Our Google Ads Management Swansea service allows us to show Google search ads at the top of search engines, allowing your potential customers to see you when they type in a relevant “keyword” related to your business, product or service. 

While Google shopping ads will allow you to show your product name, product image and price to a potential buyer before they click on your ad. 


Running ads with a Google Ads Management Agency In Swansea like Primedia Marketing can be extremely lucrative if done right and its easy to see why so many companies in 2022 are taking advantage of this advertising channel. Here are some of the main reasons why you should think about getting Google ads management for your business in Swansea:

It’s very targeted.

We can specify who your ads are shown to based on key data such as age, location, interests, keywords and even the device used. Meaning we minimise wasted spend by targeting just the right people, at the right time.

It’s very cost effective.

You only pay when a potential customer visits your website. They have already read your advert and have show interest by clicking it so half the work is done, its now down to the website to convert them to a sale.

It’s trackable.

We can prove your getting a sizeable return from the ads we are running.  It will be there in the data in black and white.  Its not like a billboard that you can keep track of or a flyer thats put in the bin.  These are cold hard stats that show your business growth.  

It’s fast.

Unlike SEO, which can take time to get right, Google ads advertising can get you instant results. We could setup a campaign today and get a sale from it within hours. 

Get started today with Swansea’s expert Google Ads Management Agency.


Over the last 10 years Primedia Marketing made it its goal to become Swansea’s Number 1 Google Ads Management Agency.  Through our knowledge, accreditations, success stories and data we believe we  have achieved this.    

We are different from other Google Ad Management agencies as we believe that constant communication, ideas, feedback and transparency form the path to success & forge a fantastic relationship. We provide transparent results and a clear pathway to a winning Google ads formula. 

This will depend on the Google Ads management agency you use in Swansea. We can’t speak for the rest, but with us you will see sustainable Google Ad marketing results from day 1. 


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