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    Higher Visibility

    Get your business seen upto 1000% more frequently with SEO services in Cardiff.

    Save Money

    Save on expensive PPC costs by adopting a sustainable SEO strategy with Primedia Marketing.

    Increase Revenue

    An established organic presence is proven to increase "trust" and leads to higher revenue.

    More Traffic

    We can drive your business forward via our expert SEO services in Cardiff.

    SEO Agency Cardiff

    #1 for SEO services in Cardiff

    That is correct, we are top-ranking for SEO services in Cardiff & we are also the highest positioned SEO agency in Wales. We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but when it comes to SEO and ranking top of Google organically, surely the company that can achieve this for themselves is doing something right? 


    We have managed to achieve this success by knowing about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) inside and out. Whether it’s Techincal, on-page, local or international SEO, we know our stuff and are able to execute that knowledge to achieve the same for your business in Cardiff.


    Primedia Marketing’s SEO Service In Cardiff can deliver, organic and sustainable SEO to get your business top of Google’s search results and stay there for the foreseeable future. !

    10 Years + Experience

    We have over 10 years of knowledge of SEO and know what it takes to make it work for your business in Cardiff

    One Team!

    We want to be part of YOUR team. Not just a 3rd party SEO service. This is why our clients love using us for our flexibility.

    Fast Results

    We only use proven SEO strategies & get you results quickly! Say goodbye to no visibility & say hello to uncapped growth.

    One Monhtly Fee

    We charge you just the agreed monthly fee for our SEO services in Cardiff. So you know where you are every month.

    A short story about our SEO services in Cardiff

    It was a cold day in the middle of October, a client came to us for SEO services in Cardiff. We looked at the clients website and compared it to a book.  The reason we do this is Google is kind of like a librarian who will recommend books to its customers.  The book (website) looked great, but was very poorly written and the structure was confusing. 


    A customer came into Google’s library looking for a book recommendation.  Google looked through the books it had on the topic in question and decided to recommend a competitors book instead of the clients.  This is because the competitor’s book (website) was written better, in a language that Google understood and the content was extremely engaging.


    Fortunately, the client took us up on our SEO service and we were able to rewrite the book in a language that Google understood and with interesting, engaging content.  Within a couple of months, Google started to recommend our clients book, even deciding to recommend it in front of their competitors.  


    The End.

    Cardiff SEO Services

    Cardiff SEO Services Breakdown

    Technical SEO

    Technical SEO is the groundwork for SEO services. Without this, SEO simply does not work no matter what you do. We get the basics right.

    Link Building

    Getting the right links to your content and website is extremely important to build domain authority and build the organic trust your website needs.

    Local SEO

    We get your business found locally before your competitors. That's why our SEO service in Cardiff can help drive the local footfall you need to succeed.


    Your website content is the most crucial part of our SEO service in Cardiff. We create engaging, impactful website content that your customers and Google will love.

    E-Commerce SEO

    We optimise for your products to get found before anyone else's. This can be the difference between getting a sale and not.

    International SEO

    Primedia Marketing has helped multiple businesses in Cardiff get international reach through our SEO services.

    Free SEO Audit

    Part of our SEO service in Cardiff is providing clients with a Free SEO audit so you know what needs to be done from day 1.

    Site Migration

    If you're planning on moving to a new website, you need to be prepared. We can set up redirects correctly while keeping your current ranking.

    Increase sales by 400% with our SEO Services in Cardiff

    Using SEO services in Cardiff can increase your organic traffic leading to increased sales and revenue.  

    search engine optimisation in cardiff

    Why is adopting SEO Services in Cardiff important?

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of your website in search engines.  Without this visibility, your company cannot be found and therefore you will struggle to be competitive in your industry.  After all, 80% of all traffic to businesses happen through online marketing, so a sound SEO strategy for your business in Cardiff is critical.


    Primedia Marketing provide expert SEO services in Cardiff and we can ensure that when your customers are searching for your products and services, you are visible and easily accessible to the right people. Search engines will look at their user’s search queries and will try to match its relevancy with your website. We make sure your content is relevant to the most popular search queries your customers are making and will strategically tailor your pages to these queries.


    SEO services in Cardiff can also help your business save costs on pay per click (PPC) advertising by organically serving top of Google.  This is not only more sustainable but can also lead to higher conversation rates as most customers trust organic search results more than paid ones. This can yield a great return for your business.


    Get started today with Cardiff’s #1 SEO Agency or take a look at some SEO articles to get you started.

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    SEO In Cardiff FAQ

    Our SEO services in Cardiff are perfect for driving new business, learn more about what we do with our helpful FAQ section below:

    Over the years we have put in the leg work to find out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to search engine optimisation services in Cardiff.  We are Wales’ Number 1 SEO agency for a reason and that reason is being the best in our field.

    Unlike other SEO agencies in Cardiff we understand what it takes to build successful SEO campaigns.  That’s why we not only use our expert SEO experience but we also factor in our knowledge of website design, coding, link building, content management and end user experiences.  We look at the whole puzzle, not just one piece. 

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a long-term strategy due to the ever changing search engine algorithms.  That being said we have had clients in Cardiff get excellent SEO results in as little as 4 weeks and serve constantly in the top spots in the search engines.  

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